Autumn so clever with the continuation of romantic summer print dress

romantic summer print dressI believe we in the hot summer, have some of the colorful, lively and lovely prints of clothing, in the autumn, these garments are still people in the eyes of printing a beautiful landscape, summer, autumn printing equipment, how are you with the perfect combination of it? Xiao Bian today to share with you to collect some of the printing with, take a look at it.

Print dress is definitely the bright spots in the summer, sweet, pleasant fashion, whether it is to travel to the beach or play, the girls like to wear a brightly colored print dress, elegant aesthetic in the summer a variety of printing dress, such as garden-style print dress, vintage style print dress, and then put a paragraph long denim shirt, the cuffs rolled up at random, drab color printing dress shirt with a perfect combination of romance, plus on a large bag and a pair of flat shoes, a little low-key and always get attention.

Dita Von Teese wearing this little dress personal printing, black. LacePrinted on the white skirt is particularly the retro style, and to better see the fine prints, tailor-made dress designed to show the beautiful women in the lines, his shoulders covered with a black jacket, both stylish and show a big star Dita Von Teese gas field, with exquisite black and white body makeup and sunglasses, like from a magazine cover out of character.