Chloé is currently Director of Design announces resignation

ChloéYesterday, Chloé’s official twitter released a message that the current design director Hannah MacGibbon about to leave, the future design of Pringle of Scotland by the British veteran designer Clare Waight Keller took over. I look back on a Hannah MacGibbon created during his tenure in the best-selling models of Chloé now!

Chloé creative director Hannah MacGibbon announced the departure of the new creative director candidates for the British female designer Clare Waight Keller, will be held on June 1 this year, officially took office.

Hannah MacGibbon 2008 began working as design director of Chloé, after her former Chloé designer (Celine’s current designer) Phoebe Philo as a deputy in the Chloé for 10 years. Hannah MacGibbon at the helm of the Season 6 Chloé called wonderful, and many works are on the cusp of the trend of product. Although some people criticized Hannah MacGibbon for Chloé is simply Phoebe Philo at the helm of Celine’s sister models, but no doubt, Chloé, Celine represented by this simple style is the most current trends in point.

Chloé’s new designer took over as Clare Waight Keller, 2005 Pringle of Scotland became the designer, left in March this year, was in Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Gucci as a designer brand. She in the Gucci era, to coincide with Tom Ford at the helm, working there several years in poetry, works quite Ford’s atmosphere. For the inaugural Chloé brand, she responded: “I am very excited. Chloé brand value and pass the U.S. women’s complex and detailed images and vibrant attitude to life, and I thought this would be Chloé’s pass to the next generation. ”

Currently, Hannah MacGibbon not explain their next destination. The industry believes that his next home will be Gianfranco Ferré or Cacharel?

Tips: Chloé cradle of minimalism

If now the most fashionable trend is simple, then there are more than three three-year-old woman was this simple style of leadership: Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo and Hannah MacGibbon. They three are British, have graduated from Saint Martins College, prefer neutral colors and simple modern silhouette, Chloé had to work. Stella McCartney in 1997 as Chloé’s creative director, which she had just graduated from Saint Martins College for 2 years. She is the French into her good old Savile Row-style tailoring mix retro underwear. April 2001, Stella left Chloé, with the Gucci Group to launch its own brand. She was effective for the right-hand man to make way Phoebe Philo, Philo 27-year old became the new creative director. Philo for Chloé’s success has become a hot brand, make it 40% of the performance royalty. In order to have more time with his family in 2006 she left Chloé. In June 2009, Philo back joined Celine introduced the first series, from Celine popular once again become fashionable word. Chloé at the same time start looking for his successor, and finally the olive branch toward the Hannah MacGibbon. Hannah has worked with Philo for five years, in March 2008 was appointed creative director of Chloé Chloé fragrance launch at the same time, the brand re-entered the track.