Japanese sweet dress with a short man to teach you skills

J8792More petite figure how the girls were high with sweet dress it? Pretty Japanese clothing on, but the best. Today, we take a look at Japanese fashion this year is how to fall and winter clothes with a sweet, very suitable for shorter people whose children Oh, also filling the lovely wave of fashion sense.

What short man dressed trick it? The length can be used to create clothing significantly higher visual effects. Wearing a plaid long section of the ride, the shorter the more revealing clothing slender legs in a white wool sweater with, not only to create a sense of hierarchy, is also very consistent this year’s trend. And High-heeled shoes. Is short children born more essential magic, and wear boots plus socks, mix and match style sweet and significantly higher. The dress is short man whose children have loved the dress, long skirt with a short section of the jacket, more slender lines of the legs off, then the hair tied high, tall feeling came out.

Piece is very stylish casual wear pants, either spring or autumn, are the girls like the style. One-piece pants with a loose white T-shirt, simple and stylish. The position of the belt pulled, more significantly higher visual effects. One piece pants will make even more slender body, and then with a pair of high heels, short man’s dress is also very chic and stylish. And this type of clothing was relatively suitable for petite girls, weaknesses will be able to achieve the best results.

Year, the academy is very popular retro style, this a red dress, only looked cute Sweet, another retro feel. With a thin belt, pulled the waist, wearing high heels, soon will have a significantly higher results, you may wish to try Oh.

High waist skirt can adjust the ratio of the body, highlighting the slender lines of the legs, a very significant effect of high, high heels with a pair of thick, fashionable outfit their children for shorter and more outstanding students.

Japan’s production of fine clothing, chic, so many girls who love, which is a sweet mix of retro, both look pretty cute, but also the effect of adjusting the proportion of body, highly recommended.