Li Bingbing Fan Bingbing, Who better than the Cannes dress contests

Li BingbingFan Bingbing drew crane mounted just hot, new dress again attracted the attention of everyone, this time we will focus on her body and Li Bingbing, although the style is very different to go Ice , charming and beautiful and pretty and elegant whom do you like better? Come take a look at their Cannes Competition dress it!

Just finish the brightly ornate Chinese style, Fan Bingbing choose the appearance gradient Atelier Versace Haute dream dress, detailed outline and exquisite tailoring waist waist curve, like gods carved out of gorgeous style, designed to make domesticated hen feathers people feel like being in a lavender flowers, with the view showing the proximity of drawing flowers shades of color, represents the maturity and the mysterious dark purple, light purple represent romance and hope, the display is more purple a sweet and tender and will be the perfect woman charm interpretation vividly, painfully elegant luxury can not remove the eyes.

Li Bingbing’s Georges Chakra Couture elegant white silk dress is also new this season, compared to the charming Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing of this elegant and refined dress gives more emphasis on temperament, like Princess Puff veil-like sweet and elegant, the gorgeous palace with a retro atmosphere, while showing the girl’s purity and straightforward, elegant white chest feathers, and noble people have connected to with the White Swan, quite a beauty beauty With . The style is very gentle and pretty fit Bingbing temperament.