Long-sleeved t-shirt to create the new spring dress trend of the new season

Long-sleeved t-shirtOn-sleeved t-shirt best lukewarm in the spring and autumn, whether worn alone or inside the ride are the same fashion. The new long-sleeved t-shirt recommendations, interpretation of the streets hugging the wind, one to be fixed up. The new long-sleeved t-shirt spring 2011, with more trendy how? Come and see us now!

Long-sleeved t-shirt mixed colors, relaxed version of the Rules of dress is more casual nature. Material comfort, feel good. The larger size version of a little lazy atmosphere models t-shirt, so cute crush look more attractive. The rabbit logo embellishment, and full of childlike colors. This long-sleeved t-shirt is not only a good Ju Jiafu, wear to the shopping trip is also very suitable for Oh!

White long-sleeved t-shirt, cute deer patterns, add a bit lively sense. Pants with high waist to show a good fit. Simple t-shirt can also wear clothing with retro flavor!

Geometry with a hole in the T wave Jeans And easy interpretation of the cool street style. Orange neutral wind with unique shoes, better show the unique personality charm.

Washed jeans stitching style is unique, but also an eye-catching fashion items, oh. Coupled with the trend of colored geometric T-shirt, there is more handsome than you do?

Mosaic-style t-shirt with denim shorts, casual and fashion!