Pretty sweet little suit with a demonstration

British-style suitsIn autumn and winter, a variety of styles and colors suit is a small influx of people a lot of wardrobe essential for individual products, but dignified and solemn suit to how to mix a small can with a full fashion style? Identified a small series of five sweet little suit with style, we can refer to Oh.

This is a small British-style suits, to wear the color and style is easier to look serious and formal, so be careful with. Such as display models, wearing the same color and fabric of the vest and shorts, in a small suit and dignified style, with the same color in the tube socks with boots, revealing white socks and shorts in the leg between the lines, and more full sexy style, mix and match styles to suit a small change in interpretation of a more diversified. Trouble with being a small suit of MM, can be considered with such skill Oh.

Suit can be more generous with the little shorts, put on socks after rendering, a blouse and slim legs in stark contrast to the line, put on a waterproof table retro High-heeled shoes. More highlighted the thin and long legs. With a big red shirt, with bow decoration to add to the overall style with a sweet pretty, free to roll up the sleeves on both sides, so that small suit even more casual fashion. With such a small suit, you like it?

Chiffon floral dress with a white shirt with a small jacket to the neutral and the wind, so the overall mix of style with a more unique fashion.