Street beat seductive dance skirt flying supermodel in Europe and America

Street beat seductive dance skirtCame to the spring season of brilliant, of course, dress in power, as a fashion supermodel indicators were also doing my part, the first to wear elegant dresses, and now the lens to follow our walk the streets in Europe and America to see the influx of people in Europe and America models are the aesthetic dress, and some even the United States to the suffocating Look Oh!

Black neutral wind Jacket With Black irregular cut Skirt, Together with national wind Muffler And holes Stockings To create a personality and soft collision.

Leopard Little dress, unique folding design highlights a sense of individuality and refined, with a large blue cape, and the ancient camel hat, and create a sense of exquisite gorgeous.

Shiny blue small Suit, Which take a long section of personality T shirt To create a neutral yet charming Fashion Modeling, coupled with elegant large black scarf, gift to big style.

(Left), thick knitting Long sweater、Leggings, A small hat, a black dress low-key yet Fashion A sense of exquisite red Bags Light body; (right), black lace stitching Dress, With a pink suit Coat And pink Shoulder bag, With circular frame Sunglasses, Sort ladygaga demeanor.

Black Skirt With a green leather jacket, plus leopard wedge shoes and motorcycle bag, with the most Fashion Of a single product with the most simple Fashion Charm.