Summer wear clothing with a striped skirt was high summer style

high summer styleSummer fashion crush wardrobe must-have item, it is striped skirt. Striped skirt is a fashion darling, will never become obsolete. Summer skirt with a striped thin not only significantly higher but also significant figure, so you look, renewed glory. Take a look at the stripes skirt was high with it, so that shorter crush becomes higher up.

The striped skirt, a striped jumpsuit can be said to dress, eye-catching red and white with a very bright, very noticeable absorption; Slim style to build not only thin but also significantly high; cap design taste great wave great fashion sense; with a thick crust on canvas shoes, tidal flavor.

Flounced skirt with a tank top with stripes, very pure and beautiful. Short of the simple white vest, very pleasing; hue between black and white with a red three stripes skirt, very significant fashion sense, so look at it like; knit cap and then with the same color of the bag, fresh and bright.

Denim jumpsuit dress with wide striped jacket, with a very casual fashion. Classic colors with black and white stripes, heavy-bottomed canvas shoes with a white jacket and jeans, very casual casual.

Striped silk chiffon dress with jacket, very light and sweet with. This striped dress is a mosaic design structure, the waist belt not only as decoration, but also highlight the waist; chiffon blouse with just the right light on.