Xiao Bian recommend this hot summer shorts

hot summer shortsSummer is coming soon, ready for a big show of your legs of a single product yet? Xiao Bian recommend this hot summer shorts, this is your hot body and showed off the exquisite curves of the time. So what style will be popular this season’s shorts? Xiaobian below to Secret know-how with summer shorts, trying to cover up the lack thigh, showed off the legs of the girls on the up take a look!

Polka Dot shorts with retro

National Wind white shirt , shorts with retro wave point, and then with a thin black belt with a simple way, the summer has brought freedom and should be comfortable, casual atmosphere to head towards me. This ingenious use of retro low-key tone, but also to the overall shape is very harmonious.

Flouncing shorts with layered

In order to experience a sense of cool summer, after a three-dimensional layered flouncing shorts cut out, with the role of hip self-cultivation, but also a very strong fashion sense, will be the single product of choice this summer. Both work OL, shopping or leisure, can all be used with style.

5 minutes with high-quality cotton shorts

Roman-style resort great style bow belt, with 5 high-quality cotton shorts, absolutely rich with the way the Roman style, even with a shirt dress can definitely feel like to wear clothing, this index can not be wild shorts Small, two styles of interpretation of the model to try to demonstrate to all the charm of shorts, with a really invincible.

Blooming with color shorts

This is a super-popular hot shorts, whether it is visual experience, or tactile feel, have a cool and comfortable, and rich in seasonal flu. Are quite striking in color on the color to clear fashion charm. Sky blue color mix and match the influx of blooming color shorts, that highlight the body lines, but also played a cut of the effect of self-cultivation, and this is also the interpretation of a rich sense of fashion colors and the fading effect.

Lanterns with shorts

Lantern shorts in 2011 will be a single product with a super hot, cute cute, can be used with paragraph loose T-shirt, also can be used with candy green lace tank top, to wear shorts will find this super legs were fine, but immediately will think this is a must-style.